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Name: Lindsey Way
Also Known As: Lyn-Z
Occupation: musician, artist
Works: Mindless Self Indulgence discography
Official Website(s): twitter account
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Lindsey Way (aka Lindsey Ballato, Lyn-Z) is the bassist of the American band Mindless Self Indulgence and an artist. She is known for doing back bends while playing her guitar. Because she is married to Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, she appears in a lot of Bandom fanfiction.


On the Archive of Our Own, Lindsey is tagged on 592 fanworks as of August 2015.[1] The most common Lindsey ship is Gerard/Lindsey with 319 works[2], although many of these are Bandom fics that include them only as a side pairing. She is also shipped with the other MCR wives, most often Frank's wife Jamia (54 fanworks)[3], but also Mikey's (ex) wife Alicia (9 fanworks)[4]. Often these femslash pairings are side pairings. Fans also write her in a threesome or poly relationship with both Gerard and Frank[5] or in a foursome including Jamia[6] as an alternative to breaking up a canon het ship in order to write slash.

Lindsey is very rarely shipped with her own bandmates, likely due to Mindless Self Indulgence being a very small fic fandom. There are a few femslash works pairing Lindsey with her drummer Kitty.[7]

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