Lightning Only Strikes Once: A Clexa Comic

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Fan Comic
Title: Lightning Only Strikes Once: A Clexa Comic
Date(s): 2018
First Published:
Medium: Graphic novel
Genre/Style: Canon divergence AU, femslash
Fandom: The 100
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front cover by Alais Legrand
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Lightning Only Strikes Once: A Clexa Comic is a fanmade graphic novel adaptation of the Clexa fanfiction Lightning Only Strikes Once.

Summary of the story from[1]

The story begins with Clarke and Lexa time-travelling back to the moment the 100 are being sent to the ground. From there on, certain plot points will be similar to those of the show. The story will provide an alternate version of most events from the first two seasons, after which it will then continue to expand the universe of The 100 and show Clarke and Lexa facing completely new situations.

A GoFundMe page was set up in September 2017 to crowdfund Volume One of the comic, raising over $45,000 before it closed in January 2018. From these funds raised, $16,000 was donated to charity.

A total of 10 volumes were originally planned to complete the entire story.[2] However, plans for future volumes were scrapped following an announcement on March 7, 2018:

Warner Bros. Entertainment contacted us regarding the crowdfunding campaign.
We were graciously allowed by Warner Bros to finish Volume 1 of LOSO and distribute all the books, digital and physical, that were promised before we closed donations for the campaign.[3]

The digital edition of Volume One was released on November 3, 2018,[4] covering the first 10 chapters of the 133-chapter fic. Physical copies, both hardcover and softcover, were shipped out in 2019.[5][6]


From the "FAQ" page on[1]

Who is working on creating the comic? Is the fic author involved?

Our extremely talented artist Alais and enthusiastic story director Derrick are in charge of adapting the fic into a graphic novel format. Fiona, the original author of the fan fiction, will not be officially involved, but she has given us full permission to adapt the story. In addition to the creative forces, we also have several volunteers working hard behind the scenes to deliver this project to the fandom.


Some of the proceeds from the graphic novel were donated to charity. From the "About Us" page on[7]


Charity begins at home.

As proud members of the Clexa fandom family, we always make sure to help each other in times of need. Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa), gave life and depth to the amazing journey of Clexa, inspiring many to create different types of art and supported us during difficult times.

Eliza recently posted the emotional story of Koh Tao International Primary, a not-for-profit school in Thailand she helped build with her friend Claire two years ago. The school's fees are meant to be permanently kept as low as possible - the lower the fees are, the more children can get access to affordable education. As a token of our love and appreciation, we've decided that a portion of each sold "LOSO: Vol.1" book and leftover proceeds will be donated to the Koh Tao International Primary fundraiser, which can be found here along with the full story.

We hope your donations will be able to reach as many children as possible. Let's help give them the education they all deserve in order to build a better life and make a difference in the world.

Sample Art Gallery

Sample pages (with watermark):


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