Life in Plastic, It's ... Fantastic

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Title: Life in Plastic, It's ... Fantastic
Author(s): SBG
Date(s): 30 August 2015
Length: 4,344 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Life in Plastic, It's ... Fantastic (AO3)

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Life in Plastic, It's ... Fantastic is a Steve/Danny story by SBG.

Summary: Stuck in a small apartment with someone like Steve would be a challenge on a good day, and Danny is tired. He's so tired.

Recs and Reviews

Fic rec time! (All McDanno all the way)

A couple of months ago I read Life in Plastic, It’s… Fantastic by SBG and I loved it. It’s a missing scene fic for 5x17 (the stake out episode). The tone of the fic and ugh, Steve and Danny. I don’t know how SBG does it, but how they write Steve and Danny is always so realistic to me. How they would actually be. Anyway, the fic is only about 4000 words, so it left me somewhat unsatisfied. Especially since it had a bit of an open ending. I was left with a strong craving for more.

Well, I checked out SBG ao3 page and guess what? There is another fic that was posted like three weeks ago. Yes. And it is based on the first one. *heavy breathing* And, get ready for it, this one is almost 11 000 words! I am so happy!!! I’ve read it and I have to recommend it to all my mcdanno followers. Go read Life in Plastic first, then move right along to this one: You Were Just Around the Corner From Me

The fic has angst and misunderstandings and will leave you feeling heavenly. (Both fics are also Explicit so, you know, enjoy!)[1]


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