Liaisons Dangereux

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Fan Art
Title: Liaisons Dangereux
Artist: Suzan Lovett
Date(s): 1993
First Published:
Genre/Style: slash
Fandom: The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle
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Liaisons Dangereux is fanart by Suzan Lovett.

It was shown ZebraCon in 1993 where it had won "Best in Show" and "Best Professionals Erotica."

The art was sold to a fan, and a year later, was used as the zine cover for Dark Fantasies #2.

Fanworks It Has Inspired


The Alchemist's Measure by Kitty Fisher published in Dark Fantasies #2 was based on this artwork.


Fan Comments


Even a month after ZebraCon 11, Suzan Lovett's drawing "Liasons Dangerouse" keeping flickering in my mind. It's a pencil drawing of Doyle & Bodie as 18th century gentlemen in trousers and ruffled silk shirts which are open to the waist. Bodie is in the forefront of the drawing looking out at the viewer holding a lighted candle in his right hand while his left hand is covered with a leather gauntlet. Doyle is seated in back and slightly above him leaning back staring at the ceiling with a riding crop in both hands. Looks as though action will be starting in a few minutes. Gale Good (I think) bought it at Auction. Perhaps she'll use it as a point of inspiration for another zine as she did with Lovett's "Leather and Blue Jeans." [2]


Part of what placed this zine in my hot little hand was the cover. In this striking, black and white piece entitled "Liaisons Dangereux," by Suzan Lovett, Bodie and Doyle are dressed (or perhaps it is more proper to say, semi-un dressed) in eighteenth century garb. Doyle holds a riding crop and Bodie a candle. [3]


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