Lessons (Star Trek: TOS story by Nancy Kippax)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Lessons
Author(s): Nancy Kippax
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Lessons is a Kirk/Spock story by Nancy Kippax.

It was published in the print zine Matter/Antimatter #3/4.


"Spock uses the imagery of a destroyed bridge and a dying Kirk to try and remove his emotions while at Gol."

Reactions and Reviews

We learn only at the end that this terrible tale of hopelessness is a product of Spock’s imagination. He is at Gol, you see, and has been instructed to envision a scenario which will put him to the ultimate test of logic. One where emotions wish to rule but must be overcome.

His vision is a sobering one: a tattered, deserted bridge, final duties to perform before joining the other crew on an escape shuttle. But logic does prevail. Until the turbo doors open and a battered and desperately injured Kirk stumbles into view. Instantly Spock’s logical self recognizes the blood loss evident on his Captains torn clothing is too great for a human to survive. “Spock, it’s over...: Kirk gasps.

Reason prevails and Spock requests his Commander’s final orders.

“No time for orders, Spock. I need you.” Test failed! [1]
Three pages of agony. The terrible and brutally realistic struggles of a man whose life is built on logic and denial of emotiorv-now faced with the most gut- wrenching scene imaginable. His best friend, the man who has touched his very soul, is horribly injured, drenched in blood and obviously dying. The bridge of the ship they call home lies shattered around them and Spock's logical processes are at full throttle. Training and evolution tell him he should tend to duty, that it is too late to provide any assistance to this doomed human.

Suddenly, he wrenches away from reason and enfolds Kirk in his arms, experiencing every negative emotion possible.

He awakens on the sands of Gol. Was it a mental exercise? Imagine the worst scene you can envision and use it to strengthen your will? Or was it a memory eating away at his soul?

Very powerful and dark. [2]


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