Legolas by laura

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Title: Legolas by laura
Creator: Laura
Date(s): Somewhere between July 2002 and October 1, 2014
Medium: Fanfiction
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
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Legolas by laura (also known as "And then laura") is an infamous badfic that was posted to Quizilla, most likely sometime in the early 2000s during the site's heyday. It tells the story of Legolas' discovery of a baby in the woods, who he names Laura, and Laura's subsequent adventures at the age of 10.

Legolas by laura has inspired sporkings, numerous dramatic readings, and other parodies and is generally notorious as a prime example of terrible fanfic.

The Story

The text of the story is rather short and repeatedly uses the words "And then Laura" which also gave rise to a popular search term for the story. This is not an exaggeration as there are 88 occurrences of "and then" in this fanfic.

Apart from the repeatedly wrongly written words such as "Milkwood" instead of Mirkwood and "strdier" instead of Strider, the fanfic itself has an all over the place feeling and a very fast pace.

By reading the content it feels like the author was truly passionate and excited to write her story, not stopping at a language barrier which made it all the more precious.

Now it has become a staple for many in the Lord of the Rings fandom who knew this story from Quizilla. The story also ends abruptly due to the character limit that Quizilla had.


"how can people put baby in the woodsand to die"

Mean while Gandalf is have a fun time trying to distory the dark lord.

Legolas: they bet you up and raped you also the Dark lord gave you the posion
Laura: how did you know that

Legolas: when I was your age they did the samething to me

Legolas and others: let Laura go

The Dark Lord: no

Legolas: Why they did it to you not me?

Orcs: because she got a power and she can distoy us all the bad guys.

Adaptations & Parodies

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