Legacies (Blake's 7 zine)

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Title: Legacies
Publisher: Helen Patrick
Author(s): Alice C. Aldridge
Cover Artist(s):
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
External Links: online here [1]; Online at AO3
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Legacies is a gen 31,000 word Blake's 7 novel by Alice C. Aldridge. Art: Willa Shakespeare and ORmaC.

From a distributor: "Part of the "On Wings of Eagles" series of Jenna/Travis stories, this is the story of Travis's return to Zircaster - partly to atone for his sins, partly to exorcise ghosts."

The origins of the zine, as described by publisher Helen Patrick: "I ended up doing some other zines as a direct result of starting Tales from Space City‎ .... Legacies was just the right length to suit the Tales zine format, and I'd long admired the series..."

Series Synopsis

Necessary Sacrifices was the first story in my Travis and Jenna series, written chiefly because I was so exasperated with Blake and Travis's behaviour in Trial. Instead of trying to bring the crew of Liberator together or even turning to Jenna for comfort after Gan's death, Blake went off to brood on a planet on the verge of self-destructing. Travis made an even worse decision, choosing to remain on Servalan's leash, even though he'd broken his ties with Space Command. So I decided to write a story where Jenna gets fed up with Blake's neglect and reluctantly leaves Liberator to return to free trading. During a run-in with a pursuit squadron, she crosses paths with Travis who's on the run from Servalan and Space Command. Together they make short work of the squadron, then reluctantly team up to escape the planet where their ships have crash landed. Though initially wary of one another, Travis and Jenna discover that they make a good team, and after a series of adventures, find themselves on the way to Star One to stop Blake's obsessive plan to destroy the Federation's Computer Control system. After spotting the Andromedan Fleet, their mission becomes even more urgent. I also wrote a series of shorter stories delving into Travis's past and the events that made him into the driven engine of vengeance that we saw in episodes like "Seek, Locate, Destroy" and "Weapon". Together these stories tell a story of loss, betrayal and ultimately redemption.

Other Stories in the "On Wings of Eagles" Series

I. Spiralling Down, Out of Control

A. The Oath – The aftermath of Travis’s first encounter with Blake, as his life is saved by Maryatt and Kiera. (in Zen and the Art of Rebellion #3)

B. Agent of Ruin – While undergoing his cybernetic rebuild, Travis teaches a course at the FSA, encountering Cadet Del Tarrant. Servalan and Carnell begin to exert their influence on Travis’s mind. (in Southern Seven #11)

C. Shattered Reflections – Takes place between “Orac” and “Weapon” as Travis tries to redeem himself by saving Maryatt’s family, and Carnell’s conditioning of his memory begins to erode. (in Gambit #13)


Snowblind – Trapped inside a glacier by an avalanche, Travis and Blake discover that they have more in common than they once believed. (in Gambit #14)

II. Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

A. Necessary Sacrifices (in Roads Not Taken)

B. The Best Revenge – Travis has to prove to the Enclave that he’s good enough to be a Free Trader Captain... and Jenna’s bondmate. Later, on an important trade mission, Travis and Jenna encounter Blake and the crew of Liberator as they’re caught up in Servalan’s scheme to seize control of the Federation. (in Gambit #10)

C. Queen’s Gambit – Travis and Jenna are trying to succeed as Free Traders, but Servalan kidnaps Travis, planning to use him to destroy the Enclave and the Federation. Blake and Liberator come to the rescue, but while Servalan’s and Carnell’s prisoner, Travis discovers some very dark things about his past. (in Gambit #11)

III. On a Wing and a Prayer

A. Picking up the Pieces – Jenna and Travis assume custody of a 16 year old apprentice pilot who carries their genes. Meanwhile, Travis is having flashbacks of memories of before he joined Space Command and Jenna finally learns the truth behind one the darkest episodes in Travis’s career—the massacre on Zircaster/Auros. (in Gambit #12)

B. Rest Cure – Travis has a narrow escape from an accident on the loading docks. Jenna’s uncle, First Captain of Clan Stannis declares that they both need a break and orders them to take a two-week vacation. (in Avon's Seven #1)

C. Legacies – Travis travels to Zircaster/Auros with Blake and Liberator. Both of them are hoping to make peace with the past, Blake for the damage caused by his attack on Star One and Travis to find out if any of his family survived the massacre that he ordered.

IV. Sheltering Wings

A. Contagion – submitted to Susan Batho’s Chronicles.

Author notes these are to be written: "Hardcore," "Expeditionary Force, "Ceremonies"