Leap of Faith (X-Files/Quantum Leap crossover)

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Title: Leap of Faith
Author(s): Livengoo
Date(s): 1995
Fandom: The X-Files/Quantum Leap
External Links: Livengoo's work at Gossamer

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Leap of Faith is a gen The X-Files/Quantum Leap crossover by Livengoo. It won the 1995 Spooky Award for Best Crossover Story. It is 180k/~32,000 words long.

Summary from Gossamer: "Sam Beckett has to keep Fox Mulder from becoming one more abductee, but when he leaps into Dana Scully's size fours he finds that might not be such an easy job."

Reactions and Reviews

I thought from the GUI that this was going to be a spoof, but it just has some nice humourous touches. Sam Leaps into Dana Scully (look, how else can I put it?) and has to deal with her wardrobe AND Mulder. This is very well written, has Al going slightly ga-ga over Scully (him and the rest of the male population). The story revolves around what looks like a sighting of a UFO and the temporary disappearance of a courting couple who were (ahem) rather busy at the time. Mulder and Sam go off snooping, getting shot at and dodging the inevitable Men in Black. Mulder gets badly affected by the 'UFO' taking off and becomes disassociated. This means that he can hear Al and thinks the aliens are bringing his sister Sam back. Oodles of hurt/comfort if you're a Mulder drooler too. (Not personally; I think he needs a good shake for not realising before now that Dana is the woman he's been looking for all these years). Again, if they ever got the rights sorted, it would make a very good episode. Sam in heels and pantyhose again and having to hold Mulder in his arms when the latter goes off the deep end. [1]


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