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Name: recessional
Alias(es): lalaietha, MerryArwen, Feather, M
Type: writer
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Doctor Who, The Losers, MCU, etc.
URL: Dreamwidth, AO3
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Recessional was known in fannish/LJ circles for a while as an original writer who posted meta on fantasy world-building before starting to write fanfic. She posts a lot of locked draft fic, including NCIS:LA. She has several pseudonyms for separating out different types of writing, which she will let you know if you ask, but she prefers to keep the links non-public so she can keep the mental separation.

She is known for dealing with mental health issues, including slow recovery and ongoing PTSD, as well as true equality that ends up feeling like a strong focus on female characters. She also has several examples of complex polyamorous relationships and some other relationships with unusual dynamics, which are not always explicitly called out.

Notable public fanworks


She also writes original fic, usually fantasy or urban fantasy, and occasionally posts about child psychology as well as world-building.