Lady Lovin'

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Name: Lady Lovin'
The Flash Femslash
Date(s): February 12, 2015 - 2017
Submissions: yes
Type: fanworks, headcanons, fanfiction, etc.
Fandom: The Flash (CW) & the Arrowverse
Scope: any Flash femslash ship
URL:; archive link
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Lady Lovin' was a femslash shipping Tumblr focused on the Flash fandom. The Tumblr also features some Arrowverse crossover shipping such as Iris/Sara (who has yet to be on the same show together or meet).

It was started on February 12, 2015 by lesbianlaurellance[1] (currently known as "reyslesbianforce").

"What could possibly be better than all these lovely ladies? Ladies loving ladies! A blog dedicated to all your favorite femslash ships from the CW's Flash, no matter how obscure. This is a negativity-free zone made to spread some good ol' fashioned girl x girl love, so just relax and enjoy!"




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