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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Lady Katrin's Home Page
Author: Katrin Denton
Fandom: Forever Knight, Kindred: the Embraced
URL: Homepage (Wayback link)
Lady Katrin s Home Page.png
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Lady Katrin's Home Page (aka The Lair of the Kat, or Kat's Lair) was a personal fanfiction site. It was linked at Ultimate Slash Links as The Lady Katrin Denton.[1]

Kat's Fiction

I am glad you chose to come and read my fan fiction. I have written all these pieces recently; one of these days I may get around to putting up some of my older stuff. NOTE: Each of these stories has a rating and advisory. IF you are a minor, please do NOT open any story rated ADULT. If you are offended by the topic in the advisory, do not open the story. Constructive comments are welcome, but please no flames.

The ALLIANCE Alternate Universe Series

Ambassador Rated: NC-17/ADULT Advisory: m/m sexual encounter, mild d/s The first in the crossover series between Forever Knight and Kindred: the Embraced. Cash goes on a diplomatic mission to Toronto and finds an ally.

Coming Soon: The next stories in the Crossover Series TREATY and ALLIANCE


Glint of Steel Rated: NC-17/ADULT Advisory: m/m sexual encounter, semi non-consensual, knife play. Set in the flashback from the FK episode "Spin Doctor". Nick turns the tables on LaCroix.


Under Archon's Hand The History of Cash and Julian during the Clan Wars

Stirrings Rated: NC-17/ADULT Advisory: implied m/m sexual encounter, non-consensual bdsm, whip and knife play. The night that Julian and Archon first meet Cash, when he is brought to them to serve as Stevie Ray's hostage for the Clan Gangrel during the clan wars.

Tremors Rated: NC-17/ADULT Advisory: Violence, implied m/m relationships. Julian has been having nightmares about what Cash's presence will do to Julian's relationship with Archon.

Coming soon: Solace - by Va, a little interlude between Stirrings and Tremors

At the Side of the Prince The Stories of Cash and Julian from the time Cas


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