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Name: Lady Angel's Library
Date(s): 10 March 2001 (M7 Library page)-June 2015 (last update)
Archivist: Lady Angel
Founder: Lady Angel
Type: gen, slash, het
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven, Smallville
URL: (offline archived version)
Lady Angel's Library.png
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Lady Angel's Library is mostly an archive and index site for Magnificent Seven fanfiction. It also features The Four Coners' Chronicles (virtual season), Lady Angel's fanfiction recommendations (M7, SV, TS) and Lady Angel's Smallville Library.

Magnificent Seven Library

The Magnificent Seven Library contains a total number of 2863 stories as of July 2011. It is sorted by title, by author, by universe and has a links index. The M7 Library is a member of the Magnificent Seven Fanfiction Webring.

As of September 2015 - The library site has been down for several months. All Mag 7 content has been moved to a new location under a new name, the Magnificent 7 Fic Corral here. −

Smallville Library

Lady Angel's Smallville Library hosted her Smallville fanfiction, recs, links, a few manips and a page with Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling real people slash. The SV Library was a member of The Smallville Slash Ring. As of Sept 2015, the site was offline. An archived version is available here.

Fan Comments

Another huge and ever-growing The Magnificent Seven GEN fanfiction archive. Updated frequently, this website is easily navigated by the usual author, title and category listings, but can also be browsed by the universe index. Got a particular AU you're looking for? Find it here![1]


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