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Name: LadyDesmoria
Alias(es): Marietta
Type: writer
Fandoms: Disney, Harry Potter, Sinbad, Twilight, Lazytown, Final Fantasy X, Epic, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Naruto, Pocahontas, Hotel Transylvania, Gargoyles, Tinkerbell, House of Mouse, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy 10, and many more.
URL: LadyDesmoria on DeviantArt
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LadyDesmoria is an avid Disney fan, although her fannish interests do not stop there. One of her favorite characters is John Rolfe from Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. Because he is not paired with Pocahontas in the official Disney princess/prince line up, she ships him with an OC named Desmoira. She is most prolific as a fanfiction writer. Some of her most reviewed stories include: