La Ronde

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: La Ronde
Author(s): Connie Barron
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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La Ronde is a Kirk/Spock story by Connie Barron.

It was published in the print zine Naked Times #17.


"The transference of Kirk and Janice Lester told in the form of logs and reports from several of those involved."

Reactions and Reviews

In this story, Janice Lester has forced the transfer of Kirk's body with her own. Janice-as-Kirk then rapes Kirk-as-Janice. Kirk not only has to deal with rape, but with actually being a woman in a sexually violent encounter. The author uses different viewpoints skillfully, and she leaves us with no easy, pat solutions. Very chilling, original, and effective. [1]
I don't know what this title means—seems it's a musical or dance term?

I do like gender-bending/Janice Lester stories, and this one had some provocative moments. Such as Kirk-in-Janice's-body watching Coleman sucking the cock of Janice-in-Kirk's-body. His own cock in other words, while his-face-with-Janice-behind-it smiles down at him as he's made to watch. (Hard to even write about it, who is "he" and who is "she," etc.) So essentially Kirk's watching himself getting a blow job, and the himself who's getting it is watching him watching. Pretty cool. I mean hot. Not blatantly hot, of course, because Kirk is in a terrible situation. Not to mention being fucked by Janice-in-his-body, by himself in other words.

And of course, he calls in his mind to Spock. Ahh...

Also, it was certainly a mind-blower for poor Arthur Coleman, to have sex with Janice for the first time with her as a man- Kirk, yet.

This is a gorgeous Spock in this story; and he goes to Kirk's bed that night, but doesn't discover right away that it's really Janice-in-Kirk's-body, because he holds back from mental congress. I love new perspectives such as this: how Spock keeps their thoughts apart at first when they're making love, in order to heighten anticipation of the ultimate joining of consciousness and to rely on physical stimulation only. I want it.

The sex is written beautifully. But then they join mentally and Spock sees what is shockingly wrong it's not his t'hy'la he's joined with physically and mentally.

A nice structure to this story, based on what the official report says, usually from McCoy's POV, versus the real story. [2]
While there were aspects of this "Janice Lester" story that I enjoyed, I found it most unconvincing. Jim's observations from within Lester's body would be confusing enough in any context, but Lester (in male form) rapes Kirk as he lies strapped and helpless in a bodythat is not his own. And he feels...ecstasy?? I don't think so. Helplessness, disgust, confusion, maybe. Curiosity at best. But not enjoyment. Even an involuntary orgasm under these circumstances would not produce pleasure. To complicate matters further, this is a first person story, with multiple switches between McCoy, Kirk, Spock and Lester. Different type styles aren't quite enough to keep me oriented. Trying to unravel the complexities of mind transfer and their effects is an ambitious undertaking, one that the most experienced of writers might not be able to master. This feels like a novice writer who should certainly be commended for her ambition and fortitude. Ifs easy to sit back and point out difficulties in something you would never dare attempt yourself. I don't recall this author from other works, but perhaps in another guise she has taken on a less daunting experiment and succeeded admirably! I hope so, because this was certainly a tough assignment! [3]


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