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Name: The LOTR Fanfiction Webring
Date Founded: 07 April 2000[1] or before
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Focus: fanfiction
URL: (2001) (2000)
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The LOTR Fanfiction Webring is a webring for The Lord of the Rings fanfiction pages. The ring owner was the Least Expected archive. The ring homepage was originally hosted by GeoCities.

ring banner used at King And Herald
This is the webring for Lord of the Rings fanfiction sites.
Do you have fanfic on your LOTR site?
Any type is welcome, so long as the appropriate warnings are in place.
Slash is welcome.
Gen and het are also welcome.
So are logs from roleplaying sites.
So are parody sites.
So are sites of authors of LOTR fanfiction, as long as you have a link to the fanfic somewhere on your site.[2]

Member Sites

ring homepage


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