LGBT RWBY Pride Awards

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Name: LGBT RWBY Pride Awards
Date(s): June 2019
Frequency: yearly
Type: Award, RWBY
Associated Community: LGBT RWBY Pride Awards (Tumblr)
Fandom: RWBY
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The LGBT RWBY Pride Awards is an award community that celebrates LGBT bloggers, writers, vidders and visual artists within the RWBY fandom on Tumblr. Nominations are opened to the public on June 1 for a 2 week period before the winners are announced.

Hello everyone!

Some of you may have or may not have heard of the lgbt pride awards, well this is similar, but exclusively for RWBY blogs!

Disclaimer: This is just for fun and very last minute, but I’m hoping everyone will have a great time with it!


  • No discourse please, this is just for fun
  • The nominee has to be LGBT+
  • You can nominate as many people as you want
  • You can nominate the same person for multiple categories
  • Nomination period ends on the 7th June
  • At that point a survey featuring the nominees will be posted and it will close on the 14th
  • If you wish for an additional category to be added I’m open to suggestions
  • For sweetest relationship you have to mention two people
  • Send in nominations as an ask

2019 Winners

Category 1st place 2nd place
Best lesbian blogger @twelveclara @incorrect-strq-quotes
Best Bisexual Blogger @hammertime-rwby
Best gay blogger @yang-png
Best trans man blogger @adamtaurus
Best trans woman @katiethetransbian
Best nonbinary blogger @xiaodonnas
Best ace blogger @nutslovesdolts
Best aro blogger @aromantic-eight
Best shitposter @wishcircuit
Best artist @rwbyballpointpen
Best writer @twelveclara
Best cosplayer @wishcircuit
Best RPer @nutslovesdolts
Best theorist @powerbottomblake
Best selfies @blakebellafuckingdonna !
Sweetest relationship @twelveclara and @blakebellafuckingdonna
Dynamic Duo @hammertime-rwby and @yang-is-a-branwen
Best gif maker @almea
Best pansexual blogger @rwby-crack
Best YouTuber @hammertime-rwby
Best amv editor @hammertime-rwby