KnightWalker: April's Forever Knight Fanfiction

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Name: KnightWalker: April's Forever Knight Fanfiction
Dates: January 2004 - present
Type: personal archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: KnightWalker
Screen capture of the index page of the KnightWalker website.
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[1]KnightWalker: April's Forever Knight Fanfiction is April French's website for her Forever Knight fan fiction, essays, and humour. It also includes an essay by Kristin Harris.

Site Design

The current version of KnightWalker consists of a main index page with links to the fan fiction and essays. In addition, the site includes "60 Signs That You Are Addicted to ~Forever Knight~", a list of exaggerated signs of ardent fannishness.

All the webpages share a common background graphic from Luminescence Grab'n'Go Graphics, in black with a leftside border repeating the image of a red shield bearing a golden gryphon. A double-headed spear divider is used throughout.

The site has a title banner created by Kristin Harris, colour-coordinated to the red/black of the background. It shows Nick, with Janette's eyes behind the title, which is in Gothic lettering. An elongated sword makes the "I" of "KnightWalker".

Stories Archived on KnightWalker

In revising the site, April decided to remove a number of her early stories which she felt did not come up to her current writing standards.

I've removed many stories that I felt were sub-par, even for when I wrote them. Therefore, what remains may be justly considered the best of the FK fanfic that I've produced (merciful gods)
introduction to the main index page of the current Knightwalker site

She also removed her popular Sons of Lilith series. Only the following stories are currently archived on the KnightWalker website:

  • "Last Knightmare"
  • "Original Sin"
  • "This Hellish Alchemy"
  • "Carpe Noctem"
  • "My Immortal"
  • "October"
  • "Forsake Me Not"
  • "Full Circle"
  • "Nocturnal Pleasures"
  • "Strong Man's Ashes"
  • "Eternal Rest"
  • "In Desert Waste or Crowded Street"
  • "A Soundless Heartbeat"
  • "Christmastime in the City"
  • "The Subtle Forms of Control"
  • "Downfall"
  • "My City of Ruins"
  • "All of the Photographs"
  • "Lamb Chop"

Essays Archived on KnightWalker

The following essays are archived on the KnightWalker website:

Site History

The KnightWalker website was originally on GeoCities (at It was first recorded by the Internet Archive on 17 June 2004, and the counter on the index page indicates that the site had been started that January. Over the next couple of years, the site was occasionally recorded again. However, this was never more than partly done; and almost all the internal pages are missing from the archived copy.

The site was not recorded between 1 December 2006 and 9 August 2009. However, copies do exist of the site as it existed after the announcement that GeoCities was about to close. It is clear from the update section at the top of the index page that, at some point in 2007, April decided to revise her site. However, she then abandoned it in mid-revision, leaving most of the internal pages missing.

Original KnightWalker site

The index page of the KnightWalker website has always looked very similar. However, other graphics appear on some of the internal pages of the original version of the site, including additional banners by Kristin Harris, used as links.

The site had seven major subsections, each with its own index: Series Fiction, Other Stories, Poems, Nonfiction, Pictures, Links, and Other Things. Not all of these sections are available on the Wayback Machine. However:

  • the Pictures section once included the following:
    • three attempts by April to draw her character Kai Thorn, from the Sons of Lilith series;
    • three photomanipulations she did;
    • three headers she made, but never used (offered for other fans to use);
    • two cartoon portraits by April in the style of South Park;
  • the Poetry section included one poem, "Tears of Ivory";
  • stories mentioned in the "Updates" section at the top of the index page included "Red is the Color of Darkness" and "Darkness Has Come to Me"; other stories included "My City of Ruins", and The Endless Parade #16 "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight"; series included Sons of Lilith and Shadow Sight;
  • the site had a GeoCities guestbook.

Comments on the guestbook include:

Wonderful site. Love your stories!! Cant wait to read FK SoL Season Two *hint hint* Keep on writing! — Allie

Youve excellent stories - they really should count these toward your university degree! — Ell Hase

Archived Site on

The last edition of the GeoCities KnightWalker site has been archived on Although the website includes the entire essay section, the revision of the various fiction, poetry, and art sections was barely started, and nothing had been linked in. April also intended to include a list of birthday stories written for her by other people. However, this, too, was never linked in.

This edition did include a rec list of Forever Knight stories, and a pair of fill-in-the-blank games created by April. In one, the player fills out a form as if s/he were a character in April's Sons of Lilith series. In the other, the player fills out a form as if s/he were a vampire from Forever Knight.

The last update to the site was apparently made 19 November 2007; and KnightWalker remained in an unfinished state until GeoCities went down in October 2009.

Current Website

In 2009, Yahoo! decided to delete all GeoCities websites. At April's request, she had the opportunity to completely revise the site yet again before it was moved to its current location at in the Forever Knight Website Archive.


  1. The information here is largely taken from the article "KnightWalker: April's Forever Knight Fanfiction" in the Forever Knight Wiki.