Kirisame Marisa/Alice Margatroid

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Pairing: Kirisame Marisa/Alice Margatroid
Alternative name(s): Mariali
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Touhou Project
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Kirisame Marisa/Alice Margatroid is one of the most popular ships in the Touhou Project fandom. It ships the human witch Kirisame Marisa with the human-turned-magician Alice Margatroid. Much like most Touhou ships, it is a femslash ship. In Japanese, it is known as マリアリ (Mariari).


Origins of the interactions of the characters are in the fifth Touhou game, Mystic Square, in which Alice appears for the first time. She is an opponent, with Marisa being one of the playable characters. Alice differs from most Touhou bosses in that she returns in later games and even becomes a playable character herself. She is an opponent again in the seventh game, Perfect Cherry Blossom, but becomes playable in the eighth game, Imperishable Night, as Marisa's partner. The ship really kicked off with these later games as Marisa's story arc in Imperishable Night has Alice coming to her, asking her help with solving the Moon incident. Alice supported Marisa again in the eleventh game, Subterranean Animism, by which their relationship seems to have improved from previous games.

The characters seem to have a bit of a rivarly and often bicker with each other. Regardless of this, they seem to be good friends.


As Marisa is often portrayed as a thief, it is common to show her stealing something from Alice, which annoys her. It is also common to use phrases such as Marisa stole Alice's heart. This is the center of one of the most popular Touhou fan songs and videos, "Marisa Stole the Precious Thing". This is fully fanon as it's never made official that Marisa stole anything from Alice.

Their relationship is often portrayed with Marisa as more outgoing who approaches Alice, maybe steals from her as a prank. Alice on the other hand is more serious, annoyed at Marisa, but also a bit of a tsundere who struggles with accepting her feelings towards Marisa. While Marisa is a magician with explosions and flashy lights, Alice is portrayed as a more calm girl who carries a book around with her.

Sometimes the ship is portrayed in a love triangle with Kirisame Marisa/Patchouli Knowledge, another popular ship. Angst elements can be added from the fact that as a human, Marisa is doomed to die much earlier than Alice.

June 16th is known as the Mariali Day (#6月16日はマリアリの日).

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