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Dates: ? - 2011
Type: personal archive
Fandom: The Pretender, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Farscape, Forever Knight, Star Trek: Voyager
URL: (archived)
Screen capture of the index page of the original version of Jill Kirby's website.
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Click here for related articles on Fanlore. was Jill Kirby's personal website, primarily to archive her fiction in a variety of fandoms.

It should be noted that Jill now archives her stories on DreamWidth.

Fan Fiction

The following fan fiction was archived on Jill's website:

The Pretender

Law and Order: Criminal Intent


Forever Knight

  • The Anna Trilogy
    • "No Such Summer"
    • "A Season Lost"
    • "A Winter's Tale"
  • "Begin Again"
  • "Come Down in Time"
  • "Domestic Tranquility"
  • "Eventually"
  • "Hard Promises to Keep"
  • "More Fiercely Bright"
  • "The NatPack Meets Lady Clairol"
  • "Remember"
  • "Susan's Birthday Party"
  • "Susan 's Birthday Party-- The Day After"
  • "Susan's Birthday Party, One Year Later"
  • "Unto Dust"
  • "The Venerated Object"
  • "VHHB: Party On!"

Forever Knight/Highlander Crossovers

  • "The Heart of the Holidays"
  • "Honor the Heart"
  • "Passages"
  • "Rituals"

Star Trek: Voyager


Site History

Jill's website was originally located at It moved to, and shortly thereafter moved again to (This can be traced through archived redirects on each site.) The site was then redesigned, and moved to

For both versions of Jill's site, one or more of the Tables of Contents have been archived, but only a few of the actual stories.