Kimi ni Todoke

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Name: Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け)
From Me to You
Creator: Shiina Karuho
Date(s): 2006 - 2017
Medium: manga, anime, light novels
Country of Origin: Japan
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Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け, literally "Reaching You"), in English, subtitled From Me to You, is a 30-volume shoujo manga series by Shiina Karuho. It was serialized monthly in Bessatsu Margaret and was rated the #9 top manga of 2011.[1]



  • Kuronuma "Sadako" Sawako
  • Kazehaya Shota
  • Yano Ayane
  • Yoshida "Chizu/Chi" Chizuru
  • Sanada Ryuu
  • Arai "Pin" Kazuichi
  • Kurumizawa "Kurumi" Ume
  • Miura Kento

Manga (2006-2017)

Anime (2009-2010)


Kimi ni Todoke has been adapted into two light novel series. The first was a 16-volume series by Shimokawa Kanae, published between August 2007 and December 2015; the second was a 13-volume series by Bunko Mirari, published between March 2011 and June 2015. Both were illustrated by Shiina.

A live-action film was released in 2011.


Kurumi was a divisive character in the fandom. Some fans were put off by her history of manipulation and sabotage against the main couple, while others were amused by her antics and pleased with her redemption. Similarly, many fans expressed frustration with Kent for obstructing the main couple's relationship, albeit unknowingly.

Fans often joked about the excessive "bubbles and sparkles" special effects in the anime.


  • Kazehaya Shouta/Kuronuma Sawako (SawaKaze)
  • Sanada Ryuu/Yoshida Chizuru
  • Yano Ayane/Arai "Pin" Kazuichi

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