Kid Fears

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Title: Kid Fears
Creator: astolat
Date: 2001, remastered digitally August 2005
Format: digital
Length: 04:05
Music: Kid Fears
Fandom: Star Wars/The Phantom Menace
Footage: VHS/DVD
URL: both the original and remastered vid can be viewed online here & vidder's notes here
screencap from the end of the vid showing a pensive Amidala

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Kid Fears is a multi-generational retelling of the Star Wars saga. Using the character of Amidala as a narrative frame, the song's chorus: "What would you give to face/Your kid fears" offers a sad and poignant tale of Padme looking ahead to the future dangers and challenges that her children, Luke and Leia Skywalker are facing. The vidder, astolat describes the theme as ".. the story of [Luke and Leia]'s maturation -- starting from their desire to accomplish things and participate in the struggle against the Empire (being "on fire"), and then the slow realization that the danger out there is real, that they will be hurt in ways they don't expect and aren't prepared for.."[1]

This is astolat's first vid, which she made after being wildly inspired by the Escapade 2001 vid show. It was remastered from widescreen DVD source and was significantly revised in the process. The remastered vid was shown at the 2005 Bascon vid show and has been the subject of several vid commentaries.

are you on fire
from the years?
what would you give
for your kid fears?
~ "Kid Fears" lyrics

Vid Commentaries

  • absolutedestiny writes:"All the ideas are well-formed here and most of the editing realisations of these ideas are done with skill and sensitivity. Narratively this is a very mature and thoughtful video. The contextual framing and the overall structure are as equally well developed as any of your best works." [2]
  • ebstarr4 offers the following critique: "Anyway, first things first, this is a gorgeous vid. I flat-out adore it, although to be honest I’m not sure I totally get it (more on that later). I thought the sections with the light sabers were particularly good because they make use of contrast between a more dynamic, colorful shot with the sabers and then a static close-up of a face either with overlay or dissolve. The overlaying itself is judiciously and subtly used as are some of the more unusual transitions, like a few wipes etc. Also, even though the song was slow and the cuts matched that pace (as they should), the video didn’t drag at all – even when I hit somewhere around thirty viewings trying to find constructive criticism for this."[3]
  • Katta from Germany writes:"Kid Fears: Luke, Leia, and Padme in a cross-generational, thoughtful piece that stays with you for a long time."[4]
  • LJ blogger noelia-g says: "I don't think I have the words to describe this one. I think it's another point for the spearpoint theory - if you have loved Star Wars for your whole life you can't watch this vid and not break a little."[5]


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