Kathy Marshall (Starsky & Hutch)

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Name: Kathy Marshall
Occupation: airline stewardess
Location: the episode "Fatal Charm"
Status: alive
Relationships: appears to be a "friend with benefits" to both Starsky and Hutch
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Kathy Marshall arrives for fun
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Kathy Marshall is an airline stewardess who hooks up with Starsky and Hutch when she has flight layovers in Bay City. She is very friendly, easy-going, charming, and appears to be happy enough sleeping with either Starsky or Hutch, and possibly both at the same time.

It is this easy relationship that makes Diana, a woman Hutch is casually dating, very jealous, something that escalates an already bad situation.

A Few Facts About the Canon Kathy

  • she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty; she helps Diana pick up spaghetti off the floor
  • she loves to dance
  • she appears to harbor no grudges

The Fanon Kathy

Kathy is a fairly popular character in fanfic mainly because of her easy-going, cheerful, and seemingly open sexuality. She is featured in a number of threesomes.

Some Kathy Fics

Some Kathy Vids