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Title: Karkalicious
Creator: Broadway Karkat
Medium: Parody song
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: Karkalicious (Youtube reprint)
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Karkalicious is a well-known Homestuck parody song of Fergalicious featuring the character Karkat Vantas. It is a part of the Broadwaystuck album. The song is more often remembered as its own entity than as a part of Broadwaystuck as a whole.

Memetic Status

Due to its popularity, the song has become a fairly popular in-reference and joke in the years after its release.

Fergalicious isnt a real song its just a rip off of the iconic homestuck tracktumblr user raisinchallah[1]
i know all the words to fergalicious but not the originaltumblr user birdsbian[2]


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