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Name: Kardasi
Owner/Maintainer: kira-nerys
Dates: 2000-2010
Type: Multi-fandom archive, challenge and zine site
Fandom: Star Trek, Smallville and Harry Potter
URL: www.kardasi.com (while portions of the website are archived in the WayBack Machine they are at risk due to the new domain owners)
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Kardasi was the largest Kirk/Spock website that ran challenges and published e-zines from 2000-2009. It also hosted other Trek, mainly Deep Space Nine. Smallville fandom and the first Harry Potter Snarry challenges were also hosted at Kardasi. The site was popular among a wide variety fans across many fandoms.[1]

It closed in 2010 when the domain registration was bought out from under kira-nerys and its content was mostly WIPED.

Fan Comments

Origin of the Word: Kardasi

According to a fan: "Kardasi" was a fictional language created by a woman named Esther. [2]

Hosted Material

Many collections, challenges and zines were hosted there, including:

Star Trek

Harry Potter



Single Author Archives


  1. See the Kardasi Guestbook from 1999-2009; WebCite.
  2. "Comments: Hello! Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your page and stories, and will be coming back to read more! :) Also, don't know if you know, but the word "Kardasi" is not canon. Rather, a person named Esther on aol, who is a linguist by trade, has constructed a Cardassian language of her own, used by fans, by the name Kardasi. She always is happy to see her words used, but appreciates having an acknowledgement of her work, as it took her a long time to construct the language and grammar. In addition, if you are interested in learning more of the language, she has a page up and I'd be happy to send you the URL either to look at or link to. I mentioned how good your page was to her and sent her the link, so she'll probably drop by too. Take care! :) Carolyn Sunday January 17th 1999 11:36:51" -- Kardasi Caresses (January 17, 1999)