Kanga Awards

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Name: Kanga Awards
Date(s): 1999-2001
Frequency: annually
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic
Associated Community: Kangarooland.com
Fandom: Hanson
URL: kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga, via wayback Apr 2002
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Banner appearing on the 2000 award site
Banner for promoting the 2001 awards

The Kanga Awards were annual awards for the Hanson fandom. The awards were moderated by Jacquelyn of Kangarooland.com. The name was an acronym for Kangarooland's Annual Nine Glimmer Awards. Awards were given to websites in nine categories.

1999 Winners

  1. Most Originality: MagicalPlace.com
  2. Best Ike/Tay/Zac Site: Taylor Hanson: Angry Angel
  3. Best Fanfiction: MMMboppin' In the Promise Land
  4. Best Campaign: Hanson Fans Living With Cystic Fibrosis
  5. Best Graphics: HITZFX
  6. Best Theme: Hanson Hotel
  7. Weirdest Title: When Puff Broccoli Does the Mashed Potatoe!!
  8. Best Multimedia Site: Hanson WAV Archive
  9. Best Overall Site: Ever Lonely

2000 Winners

  1. Most Originality:
    1. Aww Muffin
    2. Absolutely Insane
    3. Those Hanson Devils
  1. Best Ike/Tay/Zac Site:
    1. Dreams
    2. Perfection: Taylor Hanson
    3. Taylor Hanson: Angry Angel
  1. Best Fanfiction
    1. HansonFiction.com
    2. Why Won't You Save Me?
    3. Confessions of a Taylor Hanson Junkie
  1. Best Campaign
    1. Hanson Fans Living With Cystic Fibrosis
    2. Light To Guide You
    3. I Vow Not To Scream
  1. Best Graphics
    1. The Monkey Forest
    2. Hanson Planet
    3. Its Pretty Wild
  1. Best Theme
    1. HansOnStage
    2. Hurricane Hanson
    3. Hanson Universe and Hanson University
  1. Weirdest Title
    1. Even Angels Bite Their Fingernails
    2. Children of the MMMBop
    3. Blond Haired Imperfections
  1. Best Multimedia Site
    1. Hanson Hotel
    2. HansonHouse
    3. Weird N Crazy
  1. Best Overall Site
    1. Hanson Fans Only
    2. KidMMMBop's Hanson Page
    3. PlanetHanson.com

2001 Winners

Winners for this round were never announced.