Kalex Week

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Name: Kalex Week
Date(s): 2017 - present
Type: fanweek, fanfiction
Fandom: Supergirl
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Kalex Week is a fest focused on the rare pairing of Kara/Alex in the Supergirl (TV series) fandom.

In 2017, the fest was hosted at Kalex-week.tumblr.com, and in 2018 and 2019 it was at the now defunct kalex-week-2018.tumblr.com.


2017 - Seven Deadly Sins

November 13–19

  • Day 1: Envy
  • Day 2: Wrath
  • Day 3: Sloth
  • Day 4: Lust
  • Day 5: Greed
  • Day 6: Gluttony
  • Day 7: Pride


October 14 to 20

  • Day 1: Accidental Marriage/Dating (Also includes gems like: Accidental soulbonding/telepathy happens due to some weird flavor of Kryptonite; There’s a Cultural Miscommunication when they’re dealing with a sticky diplomatic situation and now they have to carry on the charade that they’re married… until they realize they’re basically married anyways. You get the picture. The prompts are stretchy.)
  • Day 2: Red!K Kara - Can be set during the episode “Falling”, or not; can be about Red!K Kara’s actions, or their fallout. Or another take entirely. Creator’s choice!
  • Day 3: Jealousy/Possessiveness (Suggestions for people who are a little less certain with this one include: Alex getting a House of El tattoo, anything to do with mating bites or soul marks, if you’re into that)
  • Day 4: Unplanned Pregnancy - Somebody gets knocked up, and it wasn’t really something they were trying for. But if you wanted to take it to some different places–it could also involve a pregnancy scare, or someone other than Kara or Alex getting pregnant unexpectedly, as long as Kara and Alex are the center of the action.
  • Day 5: Space travel / Road trips / Vacations - Going to Argo City! Going to Space Las Vegas! Venturing on the Waverider and possibly making out with Sara Lance as well!
  • Day 6: Alex Meets Alura - Pretty self-explanatory. Could be canon!verse, or not; could be a meeting under any circumstances.
  • Day 7: Alex on Krypton - Again, could be canon!verse–Alex goes to Argo City, Alex in Kara’s memory of Krypton in “For the Girl Who Has Everything”–but could also be completely AU. E.g., Earth is destroyed and Alex is the refugee, Earth tries to invade Krypton and Alex ends up on Krypton, fighting on the opposite side from Kara; or an all-Kryptonian AU. Heck, you could even do a fusion with the show Krypton.


November 17 to 23

  • Day 1: AU - General - For example: Canon-divergent, Fix-it, ABO, Soulmates, Star Wars… go wild.
  • Day 2: Meta - General - For example (but not limited to): Headcanons, Favorite scene, Ship manifest
  • Day 3: Polyamory - Any combination as long as Kara & Alex are in it
  • Day 4: Supertrope - Marriage - Marriage tropes! Fake married, arranged married, accidentally married, betrothal, etc.
  • Day 5: Supertrope - Awkward Situations - Examples from nominated prompts: Discovers kink, sees naked, bedsharing, cultural misunderstanding
  • Day 6: Kink Alphabet - A kink from any letter from the word “Supergirl”: https://badgirlsbible.com/list-of-kinks-and-fetishes
  • Day 7: Krypton-related - Kryptonese, Red Kryptonite, etc.

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