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Title: Juvenilia
Circle: Psychic Twin & Die Firma Traumerei
Doujinka: Kairi Tokonatsu
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 04 May 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 40 pages
Language: Japanese
External Links: Juvenilia at Baka-Updates Manga
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Juvenilia is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Psychic Twin & Die Firma Traumerei. It is made up of several stories and is mosty gen with some shounen ai, including Remus/Sirius and Harry/Snape.[1][2] It is based on the first three Harry Potter books.

This doujinshi has been scanlated into English by Asphodel's Haven.[3]


  • "Contains several Harry Potter stories. There's a Slytherin/Gryffindor production of Snow White, starring Harry and Draco. A lot of Harry crushing on Snape. Then it looks like there's a Sirius/Remus story. Then there's a parent-generation story featuring baby!Harry and dog!Sirius."[4]
  • "This is an absolutely wonderful doujinshi. There are several short stories, some serious, some funny. There's an absolutely hysterical interpretation of the boggart scene -- Snape's so pretty in the clothes, that half the class gets all "heart-y" when they see him and Snape gets a lot of love letters. There's another scene with baby Harry and Sirius as a dog that's really cute and a serious story about Lupin's angst about Sirius."[1]
  • "Quite a large collection of different stories in just one single book: gags, fluff, and angst. Most interesting. The main focuses are on Severus (who's extremely popular in this doujinshi), Sirius, and Remus, with a bit of Harry and Draco (beware that they are not a pair in this one, but rivals through and through). There are some faint shounen-ai/slash element (mostly as a joke, but you can read it either way in the more series stories). And I'm quite certain the author is a Severus fan. It's kind of true what the author says in here that ever since Alan Rickman takes on the role of Severus, Severus's popularity among the fans soars. The very last story in the book is IMO the best in that it is a real treat for anyone who is remotely interested in Severus's character and Harry's thought of him. The art looks a bit rushed, but its simplicity has a certain charm to it. Oh, and Harry as a baby is very, very cute."[5]



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