WriterCon Q&A: Debra Doyle

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Interviews by Fans
Title: WriterCon Q&A: Debra Doyle
Interviewer: Scarlett Girl
Interviewee: Debra Doyle
Date(s): May 20, 2009
Medium: online
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In 2009, Debra Doyle was interviewed for WriterCon.


Some Excerpts

I started wanting to be a writer very early, at about the same time that I realized that books were things made by people, and not just the naturally occurring fruit of the fiction tree. I wrote a lot of really awful stories and poetry in junior high and high school -- the kind of thing that the term "juvenilia" was invented to cover, and thank God this was before the internet and the permanent archiving of everything, because if I'm lucky all of it got thrown out years ago -- and finished my first book-shaped object during the summer between high school and college. It pretty much stank on ice, but I remember it fondly nonetheless, because I finished it and learned a lot about writing in the process.
My first fandom was Star Trek: TOS. I used to trade handwritten stories with two or three of my friends in high school (this was not only before the internet; for me this was before fanzines and even before typewriters.) I can state without reservation that all of those stories pretty much sucked. Then there was a long fandomless stretch during college and into the start of graduate school, right up to the point where I discovered sf fandom and Star Trek fanzines both in the same year.
It's hard to pick out a peak experience. I like the opportunities fandom -- especially internet fandom -- gives for making connections with people. The slow snailmail version of the fandom phenomenon was part of what staved off the sense of isolation and kept me sane during our time in Panamá.
I'm watching several shows (Life, Fringe, Dollhouse, and Burn Notice, to name a few), but Supernatural is the only one that makes me want to write fanfic.