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Pairing: Joyce Byers/Jim Hopper
Alternative name(s): Jopper
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Stranger Things
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
Other: Joyce Byers & Jim Hopper (platonic)
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Joyce Byers/Jim Hopper , also known as Jopper, is the het pairing of Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper in Stranger Things fandom.


Joyce and Jim know each before the beginning of the series. When Joyce's son Will goes missing she goes to Jim for help. When all things point to Will being dead Joyce believes that he is still alive. Jim doubts her at first, but changes his mind when he investigates the mysterious goings on at a government lab operating in Hawkins. With the help of Will's friends and a girl named El they find out Will is in alternative dimension called the upside down. Joyce and Jim journey there and rescue Will. In Season 2 Joyce and Jim try and help Will deal with the aftermath of Season 1, while Jim hides El in a cabin in the woods. When they discover that Will is not having flashbacks but is seeing a current threat Jim explores tunnels under Hawkins, but is trapped. Joyce, with the help of her boyfriend Bob, finds and saves Jim.

Spoiler and Trigger Warning for the paragraph below:

When they are trapped in Hawkins lab, which is under attack, Jim helps Joyce, Will and Mike escape, but Bob loses his life.



8th Position - Fandometrics

15th Position - Fandometrics

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Pastfic: exploring their relationship before the beginning of the series, ex. how they met
  • Missing Scenes: focusing on their lives during the time jump between seasons
  • PTSD: Joyce and Jim helping each overcome the traumatic events that have occurred in the series
  • Side pairing: featured secondary pairing in stories focusing on Jonathan or Will


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