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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Josephine's Place
Author: Josephine
Dates: 2000 or before[1] - 2007 (last update)
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Josephine's Place is Josephine's slash page.

Most of the stories are Jim/Blair slash. The page also features a YYH story, a Battlestar Galactica fic and two essays.


  • How to Spot a Mary Sue Non-Fiction. An essay on Mary Sues in the Harry Potter Fandom.
  • How to Punctuate Dialogue Non-Fiction. An essay on the proper use of pararaphs when writing dialogue.

The Sentinel

  • Woods Forsaken. Warnings: NC17 A First Time story about Jim, Blair, and a rather unusual wolf pack.
  • Sentinel Slash Virtual Season: Warnings: NC17 My episode is called "The Mountie who Fell to Earth". It's a crossover episode with Due South--a First Time story for Fraser and Ray K. January 29, 2001.
  • The Bond: Warnings: NC17 (Sentinel--first time--J/B) (first one I ever wrote actually!) Jim and Blair head into the jungle to find an old Shaman with information about Sentinels. On the journey they discover the true nature of the bond between Guides and Sentinels.
  • Revelations: Warnings: R (Sentinel--first time--J/B) Rafe's engagement causes Jim to come to a startling revelation about his Guide.
  • Without Love: Warnings: R (Sentinel--first time--J/B) An undercover kiss leads to complications between Jim and Blair. Simon and Jim discuss ballet. (Okay, as summaries go, that sucks, but if I knew how to write something short and sweet, stories like this wouldn't exist.)
  • The Bridge Back: Warnings: R (Sentinel--first time/episode related--J/B) My Sentinel Two fixit. This takes place after part one of this episode---long before we knew Jim was going to go off and get all hot and bothered over Alex. My attempt to answer the question, 'how did Blair get into that fountain?'
  • Language Barrier: Warnings: NC17 (Sentinel--J/B--sequel to 'The Bridge Back') This story was written by me and Paulette. It is loosely a sequel to "The Bridge Back" but it isn't really all that necessary to read the other one first. Sort of a PWP involving a rather mischievous Blair and a Quechua dictionary.
  • Partners: Warnings: None (Sentinel--first times--J/B - Humor) What would happen if Rafe and Brown decided to borrow Blair for the day. Chaos ensues.
  • Choices: Warnings: G (Sentinel---first times--J/B) Immediately follows the trip to Sierra Verde. This is what happens when they get back from the whole Alex fiasco.
  • Choosing Guides Warnings: Nc17 (Sentinel---first times---J/B) Blair figures that after 3 years it's time to move he gives Jim an unusual choice.

Other Fandoms

  • Lessons: Warnings: R (Yuu Yuu Hakusho--first times--K/H) Kurama kisses Hiei; trouble ensues. (he's a fire demon...what do you expect!) Note: Need a description of the characters and anime?
  • Sacrifice: Warnings: R September 26, 2002 -- Battlestar Galactica. This story started out as a cliche--see 'Things You Learn From Slash, number 101': All law enforcement partners will will eventually have to pretend to be lovers. But despite the cliche, the story managed to actually develop a plot and turned into something quite different. It's a first time story about Apollo and Starbuck. This is from the Original Series where Starbuck was a male.
  • Things You Learn From Slash: Warnings: None A list taken from various television shows and the reams of Slash Fiction floating around on the net. Represented so far: The Sentinel, Highlander, The Professionals, Due South, Star Trek, X-files, Blake7, Doctor Who, Hercules, Quantum Leap, and Star Wars. Harry Potter added. Updated 2/10/2007


  1. Josephine's Place via Wayback. First archived copy is from 2001 and it says the Things You Learn From Slash page was updated 1/17/2000. (Accessed 01 October 2011)