Jonathan Barnavelt

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Name: Jonathan Barnavelt
Occupation: wizard
Relationships: Lewis Barnavelt, Florence Zimmermann
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Jonathan Barnavelt is the uncle of Lewis Barnavelt in the YA novel The House with a Clock in Its Walls. His best friend is his neighbour, the witch Florence Zimmermann. Jonathan also appears in the film of the same name. He lives in the fictional town of New Zebedee, the county seat of the equally fictional Capharnaum County, Michigan.


On October 12, 2020, temeranth wrote:

Can we talk about Book!Jonathan for a minute? Because he's amazing. Not because he's perfect as a parent (he doesn't have much experience with kids, and he's very conscious of that), but because he's so emotionally good at dealing with the consequences in the context of his traumatized charge.

Here's this kid (Lewis) who keeps making potentially fatal choices out of his fear of abandonment, and Jonathan's response is to consistently focus on the underlying problem (this kid's struggle to accept that his perfectly normal flaws and childhood mistakes don't make him unloveable and won't lead to abandonment if discovered) instead of trying to condemn and "fix" the choices themselves.

And that's some damn good parenting.
temeranth on tumblr, Archived version