JoaG (Stargate SG-1 slash zine)

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Title: JoaG
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Date(s): 2009-
Medium: print, and downloadable pdf
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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JoaG is a slash Stargate SG-1 anthology with fiction by JoaG.

It has a sister zine called JoaG.

Issue 1

art by Eiligh and JayEm

JoaG 1 was published in 2009 and contains 243 pages. Art by Eiligh and JayEm.

Story descriptions from the publisher:

  • The Return - Jack and Daniel reunite after a long mission
  • Salvation - Daniel is rescued, Jack helps him to cope
  • Deliverance - Daniel is rescued, Jack helps him to cope (Sequel to Salvation)
  • Silent Memories - After Daniel is rescued,he's unable to communicate
  • Secrets - Jack and Daniel's secret is finally discovered
  • Ice Storm - An ice storm, Daniel's sick... what else can go wrong?
  • Rain Check - Daniel begins acting a little strange (sequel to Ice Storm)
  • Coming Home - short epilogue to Ice Storm and Rain Check
  • ZeroGrav - Fun for the boys in zero gravity
  • Sensory Overload - Daniel is found unresponsive, and isn't able to tell anyone what happened due to 'sensory overload'
  • The Lareina - Offworld and days from Earth, Daniel falls sick

Issue 2

JoaG 2 was published in 2009 and contains 270 pages. Stories are PG13 to NC17. Art by Eiligh and JayEm.

cover of issue #2, art by Eiligh and JayEm

Stories included: (summaries from the publisher)

  • Vodun - A little voodoo never hurt anyone
  • Holding On - A bad mission, painful memories, Daniel holds on desperately to save a life
  • Fog Bound - Daniel's recovery from an off world injury leads to his doubting his relationship with Jack
  • As the Chevrons Lock,( so do the Days of SG1's Lives)- co-written by babs, DebA, devra, Kalee, JoaG, Kalee and OneofAradia. A member of SG1 gets the stuffing knocked out of him
  • The Best you Can - Daniel tries to get an injured Jack home
  • Not Daniel - A tag to "Heroes"
  • The Lake - A Slice of life fic: Jack and Daniel argue
  • Sunrise over the Lake - Another slice of life fic: The morning after the argument;a sequel to "The Lake"
  • Something I Said - Injured and alienated from SG8, Daniel can only hope SG1 will come and rescue him
  • Without Warning - An injured Daniel, an alien planet, an alien hospital - still, he should be in good hands, shouldn't he?

Issue 3

JoaG 3 was published in 2010, contains 278 pages and art by Eiligh and JayEm.

cover of issue #3, art by Eiligh and JayEm

Summaries below from the publisher: [1]

  • Coming Home - Jack and Daniel are "Reunited"
  • Algidity - Separated from his team, Daniel has to make his way back to the Stargate alone on a cold, wet planet
  • Scars 'n Roses - A visit from an offworld friend wreaks a little havoc in Jack and Daniel's lives
  • Spilled Blood - Daniel encounters a primitive people. Still, appearances can be deciving.
  • Dance for me - A party on an alien world causes a misunderstanding
  • Manacles, Boonies, and Bandanas — OH MY, (or in other words, Bad Fic #2) - An off-world incident brings two lovebirds together at last. Woohoo! Warning: This is a badfic in its purest form
  • A Fine Mess - Just a bad dream. Or is it?
  • Miracle Upon Miracles - A series of events leave Jack and the team thinking Daniel is dead. Unfortunately those same events have a seriously injured Daniel thinking the same thing. Can he find the will to recover once they're reunited?
  • Lost Legends - Legends usually have a basis in reality, or It Wants to Follow Daniel Home
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Daniel discovers a disturbing truth about Osiris.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, art by Eiligh and Mags

JoaG 4 was published in 2012 and contains 268 pages, 108879 words. Art by Eilidh and Mags.

  • Irukandji (A rescue attempt goes awry.)
  • Almost is Close Enough (Differing cultures endanger the team once again. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate VII - Ancient of Days'.)
  • Zapped (Punished for a momentary lapse in complying with alien customs, Jack has to both keep Daniel alive and convince their captors to let them go free. Originally published in Ashton Press' zine 'Pretense 7'.)
  • Volcano (With a volcano in danger of erupting any moment, the team attempt to save a village by using alien technology and find themselves in the hot seat.)
  • Hidden Gifts (Sometimes gifts are staring you right in the face but it takes a push to realize how precious they are. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate V - Depths'.)
  • Shai (A planned celebration goes horribly awry as Daniel acts true to form in the face of a grave danger. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate IV - Recognition'.)

Issue 5

JoaG 5 was published in 2012.

cover of issue #5, art by Eilidh and JoaG

Description from the publisher: "This slash volume includes 9 wonderful JoaG stories (several novella sized). 263 pages, 105679 words. Web formatted. 12 pt book antiqua..75 margins. Stories are PG13 to NC17. Art by Eilidh and Joag."

  • Contagion -Monotonous negotiations turn deadly
  • Trust - Jack and Daniel have to trust the enemy in order to survive
  • I'll be Waiting - Preslash: Tag to "The Devil you Know"
  • Kiss of LIfe - Daniel helps Jack - and they discover how much a kiss can mean
  • Sorrow Knows no Voice - This is NOT a deathfic, despite the start of the story
  • On top of the Equine - The team struggles to free a trapped Daniel before the world comes tumbling down on him.
  • Choices - It's all down to the choices we make
  • Of Braids and Warlords- A request for help lead the team to a link in Selmak's past.
  • A Helping Snout- SG-1 have to ask for help from an unlikely source

Issue 6

JoaG 6 was published in 2013.

cover of issue #6, art by Eiligh and JoaG

Description from the publisher: "177 pages, 70418 words. Web formatted. 12 pt book antiqua..75 margins. Stories are PG13 to NC17. Art by Eilidh and Joag."

  • The Forgiving Ceremony - An alien ceremony has grave consequences.
  • In Search of a Dhingle - Light years from home and not a dhingle in sight...