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Name: JinkyO
Type: fan writer, podficcer, vidder
Fandoms: Person of Interest
URL: AO3 Profile website
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JinkyO is a writer, reader, podficcer, and vidder, primarily active in the Person of Interest fandom.

Notable Fanworks

Fan Fics

Discretion - Finch/Reese


By Your Name by hagar-972 and JinkyO - Harold Finch & The Machine Harold Finch & Nathan Ingram John Reese/Kara Stanton


Fandom Activity

JinkyO was a guest host on Auralphonic Episode 038: Person of Interest in May 2018.

JinkyO has issued a Blanket Permission to Podfic statement.

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, create art for or create secondary fanworks of any fanwork I have posted publicly, except for co-written fics (you'd have to gain permission from my co-writers). You do need to send me a link to your posted project afterward and agree to have your work read, listened, loved, squee'd & gushed over by me.[1]


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