Janice Hrubes

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Name: Janice Hrubes
Fandoms: Star Trek
URL: obit here
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Janice Hrubes was a Star Trek fanfic writer.

Her fiction appears in:

In Memory

"Janice Hrubes passed away on Friday April 3, 2009 of organ failure after surviving cancer (of which she was cured) and heart surgery. She was born June 23, 1948 in Galveston, TX. Janice wrote the Star Trek fanzines devoted to Sulu, and gave the character dimensions and warmth before other Star Trek writers had noticed what George Takei had done with the character. Janice went on to write several Romance novels which never got published, but which I admired and really enjoyed reading (even in several drafts). Janice was inspired, persistent, and a staunch friend. She will be missed." -- (Jacqueline Lichtenberg here).