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Pairing: Jane Villanueva/Petra Solano
Alternative name(s): Jetra
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Jane the Virgin
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Minor
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Jane Villanueva/Petra Solano (Jetra) is the femslash pairing of Jane Villanueva and Petra Solano in the Jane the Virgin fandom. They first meet in Season 1 and have an initially antagonistic relationship due to their conflicting goals and values, though they eventually become friends over the course of the series.

They are a relatively popular femslash pairing within the Jane the Virgin fandom, though behind in popularity in comparison to the other main (and canonical) femslash pairings: Petramos (Jane Ramos/Petra Solano) and Roisa (Luisa Alver/Rose Solano).


I think there are many different ways that female relationships are portrayed on TV. I think what’s great about Jane and Petra is that they didn’t go in the direction of they hit it off right away, they’re best friends, maybe they have an argument now and then but they’re best friends for life, and they also don’t hate each other. It’s kind of not here, not there. It’s almost like they need each other in spite of themselves.

Petra has a hard time admitting it to herself and to Jane, but she has this great respect for Jane. Jane is someone that she needs in her life. She has a hard time admitting that, because Jane basically has everything Petra doesn’t have.

They have these beautiful moments, and they have hard moments. It’s not a completely natural relationship, but you see that when something really difficult happens, something that’s actually life-or-death, they’re there for each other.

--Yael Grobglas[1]

Jane and Petra first meet in Season 1 after Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated by Luisa. With Rafael being a major obstacle between them, the two start off antagonistic, and struggle to understand each other's values and goals. In Chapter 12 (the 12th episode of Season 1), Jane comforts a crying Petra in a stairwell after Petra's abusive ex Milos comes to the Marbella[2]. This episode opened up the potential for both women to move beyond their hostility, and despite several missteps, they both eventually form a close bond. Jane helped Petra during her wedding to Milos in Season 2, and also during her labor at the end of the season. In return, Petra helped Jane and Michael find a home by buying a house and anonymously renting to them as a subsidised rate. In a pivotal point in the series, Jane also found out that Petra's twin sister Anezka was impersonating her and helped save Petra from the paralysis that she had been put under[2].

After the three-year jump, it was revealed that Jane and Petra had been having weekly brunches with their children to cope with Michael's death and Rafael's imprisonment. Jane also put her own feelings aside to encourage Rafael and Petra to get together again, and by the end of the series, the two admitted that they loved each other[2].

While Jane is canonically straight, the introduction of Jane Ramos in Season 4 made Petra's character canonically bisexual[3].


Though it is difficult to ascertain the origin of the pairing, it is possible that it emerged from fans who looked to Petra as a third option for Jane amidst the shipping wars between Team Michael and Team Rafael[4][5]. Similar sentiments were echoed by the actors who portrayed Jane and Petra (Gina Rodriguez and Yael Grobglas respectively) in 2016:

Gina Rodriguez @HereIsGina
I ship Jane and Petra. #janethevirgin

Retweeted by Yael Grobglas @yaelgrobglas

Absolutely! #TeamJetra #janethevirgin
23 February 2016[6]

Yael Grobglas attempted to popularise the #TeamPetra hashtag during Season 2 as well[7]. It is unknown whether the two actors truly supported the pairing or only highlighted it for PR, presenting it as a better option than Jane being caught between two men. Given that Gina Rodriguez's original tweet about shipping the pair has been removed[8], it is likely to be the latter[9].

It is likely that fans were shipping Jane and Petra as early as Season 1 (2014-2015)[10]. The first fanfic to feature the pairing was posted on Archive of Our Own in October 2015[11], during the airing of Season 2.

The early ship name for the pairing appeared to be janepetra[12].



jane/petra is so real… they embody the classic enemies to friends to lovers trope, and they are, right now in canon, working through and past their animosity because of something bigger than them, because of love. they’ve shared precious moments of incredible intimacy, which proves they can work together, despite their clashing personalities. they genuinely care about each other, which is incredible all on its own, given their history, and they can be so supportive of one another. especially jane is constantly supportive of petra, who is, ofc, incredibly vulnerable, someone with basically no support system, who was drawn to jane as soon as she showed signs of wanting a real friendship.

and i believe wholehearteadly this could become romantic. especially because of the way petra seems drawn to jane, but also the way jane is drawn to petra despite the many times she was pushed away in the past. and they both have such complicated love lives, maybe they just need to find each other.

March 13, 2016[13]

Fans quickly took to the enemies to lovers aspect of Jane and Petra's relationship, but also noted the subtext in pivotal moments on the show. The scene where Jane comforts Petra in the stairwell in Season 1[14] was considered to be a major turning point, with many fans realising the potential between them to be more than enemies. In Season 2, Petra asks Jane to hang out with her[15], but Jane's comment ("I think Petra just asked me on a date"[16]) was received well by fans, with several gifs and edits being made of the scene. The 'date' conversation also generated discussions surrounding Jane and Petra's improving relationship, with many fans looking at the romantic subtext and speculating on their potential romantic development.

The scene where Jane helps Petra give birth in Season 2 was also considered to be a milestone in their relationship[17][18], with many fans considering it to be significant canon development of their dynamic as well as for the fandom pairing[19][20]. The moment where Petra bought a house to subsidise and rent to Jane and Michael was also considered a romantic watershed[21][22]. The reveal that they'd been having brunch together in the three years between time-skips was a momentous one, as was the scene where Jane and Petra decide to continue to have brunch without Rafael "because it was never about him"[23].

The notion that Jane and Petra could overcome the differences in their clashing personalities and help each other work through their flaws, with Jane giving Petra the love and care she needs and Petra giving Jane the space to be her best self are aspects of the pairing that are well-liked and recurrent in fanworks (especially in edits)[24]. Fans also like the idea of Jane and Petra co-parenting their children together and being a solid family unit[25].

A scene in Season 5 where Jane refers to Petra as her sister after having a heart-to-heart in a tent (S5E03) was not well-received by fans[26], but the scene where Jane and Petra finally express that they love each other (S4E15) was celebrated. The episode where Petra tells Mateo that the tooth fairy isn't real but later returns to him dressed as the tooth fairy to make up for it after Jane gets mad about it (S4E13) was also well-received by fans.

Jetra fans seem to ship the pairing relatively good-naturedly, and are relatively quiet in comparison to those shipping other pairings within the fandom. However, many fans expressed their displeasure at queerbaiting on the part of the showrunner(s), as well as the direction that Petra and Jane's relationship took in later seasons, where their conflict continued to be rehashed and their screentime together limited.

Relationship with Petramos shippers

Despite Petra's canonical relationship with Jane Ramos, there is little indication of friction between Petramos shippers and Jetra shippers, with many Jetra fans supporting Petramos onscreen while continuing to ship Jetra in tandem. Jetra creators also began to create fanwork for Petramos: the first Petramos fic[27] on Archive of Our Own was written by a Jetra writer in February 2018, shortly before the ship became canon.





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