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Name: Jackson Hyde aka Kaldur'ahm, Aqualad
Occupation: superhero
Location: Atlantis
Status: alive
Relationships: Black Manta/David Hyde (father), Lucia Hyde (mother)
Fandom: DC Comics, Young Justice,
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Jackson Hyde aka Kaldur'ahm is a DC Comics and Young Justice character.


He first appeared in the Young Justice cartoon in 2010 but he was soon adapted for the comics where his design and backstory were fairly different from what was established in the cartoon. He eventually disappeared from the comics for years and didn't return until DC Rebirth in 2017 where his comic book version was drastically changed to resemble the cartoon version more. He also joined the Teen Titans.

He was confirmed to be gay in the comics in 2017.


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Young Justice

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In the first season, he's the leader of the group until Dick Grayson is ready to take over the leadership role. In the second season, he is a double agent working against his villain father, Black Manta, while pretending to turn against the YJ team.


Young Justice fandom often ignored him or shuffled him into the background. For this reason, even the most popular Kaldur ships are considered rarepairs.


The most popular Kaldur ship is Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm followed by Artemis Crock/Kaldur'ahm.



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