Jack/Miranda Lawson

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Pairing: Jack (Mass Effect)/Miranda Lawson
Alternative name(s): jackanda
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Mass Effect
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Jack/Miranda is a popular pairing between Jack, also known as Suject Zero, and Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect.


Jack and Miranda have an antagonistic relationship throughout most of Mass Effect, though it appears to soften by the end of the series. Neither of them trust each other to begin with, as Miranda is loyal to Cerberus and Jack hates Cerberus for their involvement in her cruel upbringing and experiments that made her into such a powerful biotic. The two crash frequently but are forced to work together to help Shepard fight against the Reapers.


Jack/Miranda is one most popular ships for both characters. The pairing was lampshaded in the final Mass Effect 3 DLC, in which Shepard can comment on how their antagonistic relationship seems like unresolved sexual tension, a theme often seen in fanworks between the two as well.

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Enemies to lovers / enemies and lovers
  • Angst and hurt/comfort is a popular fanfiction choice, especially with canon-type violence
  • Jack having different nicknames for Miranda, including 'Miri.'
  • Jack giving Miranda a tattoo.


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