JSOR Hanfic Zine

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Title: JSOR Hanfic Zine
Editor(s): Brittney
Date(s): July 2006-?
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: Hanson
Language: English
External Links: jsor.aloneinthepretense.org
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A screenshot of issue #1

The JSOR Hanfic Zine was a brief project of Just Shy of Reality, better known for its forums. The zine appears to have run for only one issue.

Issue #1

This issue was posted online on July 27, 2006. It contained:

  • Classifieds & Shameless Plugs -- short ads for a variety of fanfics, fic sites and awards
  • Feature Articles & Columns by Britney, Katie and Heather
  • Dear Abby... -- fanfic advice column with three anonymous "Abbies" giving advice
  • Community Announcement -- list of newly published fics
  • Special Features -- an article of writing advice by Brittney and a "Through The Eyes" feature written from the perspective of a character from Nikki's fic Comfort Zone
  • Writer of the month
  • Hanfic of the month
  • A layout challenge
  • A writing challenge, the winner of which would receive a subdomain on Alone In The Pretense