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Alias(es): ItsyRoyal, queenitsy, B, Becky, studentnumber24601, waytogomurray, Itsy, sloanne (with funkiechick), studentnumber, temira
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Newsies, High School Musical, Ace Attorney, Teen Wolf, Big Time Rush
URL: Nobody Told The Horse (personal site)
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ItsyRoyal is a fan best known for their Newsies slash archive The Refuge. They has been in fandom since as early as 2001, but became a prominent figure around 2005.[1] Their personal archive is Underage Smokers.


My penname came from my junkmail account. (I use it to sign up for stuff I know is going to send me lots of spam I don't want and have a few forwarders from my domain set to send to it for junkmail as well.) I got the email adress in... tenth or eleventh grade, maybe? 24601 is from Les Miserables, which I've seen twice and adore. It's Valjean's prison number. I was pissed off about something my HS did (I don't even remember what) and liked the comparison of students to prisoners in the Bastille... or something... It was awhile ago. I don't really remember. So, yeah, studentnumber24601. I wanted a penname I could remember that would use that account, since I didn't know if I'd get a lot of spam from it or not and wanted to keep my fanfic writing stuff separate from my other various online stuff so I didn't want to use my other handle (Itsy).

And I just think it's kind of a cool name.

Anyhoo. "B" as my actual nickname is 'cause... Well.. It's my actual nickname. Most people call me Becky offline, but when my sister was in college and we'd IM/email, she's just type B since it was faster. Her friends saw her doing it, assumed it was my nickname, and started calling me B. She thought that was odd, but picked it up; my dad overheard it, thought it was neat, and started calling me B as well. Then, since I go to a very predominantly Jewish college, a LOT of the girls (like, a quarter of them) are named Rebecca, and in one of my classes of 16 students, there were 4 Rebeccas. So we had a Rebecca, a Becca, a Becky, and I wanted to not be a repeat so I said B. So random people at college call me that, too. (I sign all of my emails as B, as well.)


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