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Itabags or ita-bags (痛バッグ) are purses/backpacks/bookbags used to display fannish items such as merch, charms, keychains, art, stickers, buttons, and plushes. Usually a fan's itabag contents will be focused on one character, group of characters, pairing, or series. Some bags are specially designed to be used for this purpose, featuring a transparent plastic window so that items inside can be protected from accidental scratches or falling off and being lost. Itabags originated in Japan in the 2010s and have since spread internationally.

The term "itabag" mirrors the term "itasha", which is a similar fan practice: extensively decorating a car or other vehicle to show the owner's devotion to an anime/videogame character or series. "Ita" is Japanese for ouch or painful, which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to "the pain inflicted on the cars as well as the owner's wallet."[1]


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