It's Always Toughest

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Title: It's Always Toughest
Author(s): Billie Phillips
Date(s): 1984
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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It's Always Toughest is a Starsky & Hutch story by Billie Phillips.

It was published in Three-Eleven #2.

This story was discussed in a long essay in Tell Me Something I Don't Know! #11 about death stories which used many stories as examples of the emotions they create: Whom Death Could Not Part, Nighthorse, Delivered to Thee, It's Always Toughest, Invictus, Mojave Crossing, and Goliath.

Reactions and Reviews

There is something extremely poignant and bittersweet about the idea of Starsky being in a state of "non-death" and seeing Hutch in visions, that is too painful for words! it's difficult for me to read. Another example of this would be [Billie Phillips's] It's Always Toughest where we find out that Starsky has been dead for SO years and Hutch is an embittered old man! It does have a "happy" ending of sorts when Hutch finally meets his own Demise and meets Starsky on 'the-other- side'! [1]


  1. from Tell Me Something I Don't Know! #11