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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Irregularities
Author: BK the Irregular
Dates: last updatede July 2003
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Farscape
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Irregularities is BK the Irregular's fanfic page.

Description from seanachais:

BK the Irregular isn't the most polific of writers, but when he chooses to set words to paper (figuratively speaking), he always hits a home run. The Scarab is the finest Stargate/Buffy crossover in existence, and his deft touch also shows on several excellent Firefly stories. It must be good -- I don't make web sites for just anyone![1]


  • Sisterhood - Betrayals aren't always deliberate. (Firefly)
  • Justifiable - Is murder always wrong?
  • In Principle, In Practice - For Inara, what should be collides with what is. (Firefly)
  • The Scarab - "This place may be hell on earth, but it's our home. And God help us, we're the ones who hold the line against those things out there." (Stargate SG-1/BtVS, Season 5)
  • Moonwalk - Spike and Giles are joined by what they remember ... and who they mourn. (BtVS, Season 5)
  • The Carton - A vanquished face returns to haunt the Slayer. (BtVS, Season 5)
  • Mending Fences - Sometimes just a few simple words can give you the strength to move forward again. - (Angel, Season 2)
  • Sports Page - It's the end of the world, next on SportsCenter. (Angel, Season 3)
  • Under-Promotion - Games they play, on stages great and small. (Farscape, Season 4)
  • Recalculation - Maybe it's about the money. Then again, maybe not. (Firefly)
  • Hook, Line, Sinker - A weekend in the life of a Companion. (Firefly)


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