In the Heat of the Night (TV series)

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Name: In the Heat of the Night
Creator: John Ball
Date(s): 1965 (novel), 1967 (movie), 1988-1995 (tv)
Medium: novel, movie, tv
Country of Origin: USA
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from Wild Cards #1 (1992), artist is KOZ




  • HEAT CON '96

From an ad in the Media Monitor: "Come join fellow Heat fans from all over the world at the first annual In the Heat of the Night fan convention! Heat Con '96 will be held the weekend of October 4-6, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia..... Memberships are limited to 300 so sign up early! We will have Friday night registration and a social, plus videos, contests, a memorabilia room, Heat souvenir dealers, and guest speakers (cast and crew from the show)! We are also planning an extra day trip to Covington, Georgia, filming site of the series. Confirmed guests so far: Dan Biggers ("Dr. Robb"); tentative: Toena Stewar ("Aunt Etta") and Wilbur Fitzgerald (D.A. Darnell)."