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Title: Heat Source
Publisher: Jamison Press
Editor(s): Donna L. Pleasants
Type: letterzine
Date(s): July 1995 to 1999 or 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: In the Heat of the Night
External Links: HeatSource, the Yahoo Group that this print letterzine became.
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Heat Source is a gen In the Heat of the Night letterzine with at least 24 issues. From Media Monitor: "The one and only In the Heat of the Night letterzine. You've found the place where we talk about anything and everything regarding those men and women in blue -- Sparta's finest! We welcome everyone's viewpoint as this is your chanceto talk about our thoughts and feelings on different topics. You don't have to participate to subscribe, but it sure is more fun that way! Bi-monthly. Back issues are available for $2 each."

front of first issue

This zine was nominated for a 1996 Fan Q Award.

Issue 1

Heat Source 1 was published in July 1995. TOTM: "Who's your favorite character and why?" "What is your favorite episode and why?" and Do you think the show perpetuated the Southern myth, or did it break the stereotypic mold?"

Issue 2

Heat Source 2 was published in 1995. TOTM: "What's your favorite episode and why?"

Issue 3

Heat Source 3 was published in 1995. TOTM: "Do you think "Heat" perpetuated the "Southern" stereotype or did it break the stereotype mold?"

Issues 5-17

Heat Source 5-17 were published between March 1996 and March 1998.

Issue 22-24

Heat Source 22-24 were published between January and May 1999.