Immeritus Interview with Celestial Soda

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Immeritus Interview with Celestial Soda
Interviewer: Pen and Moon
Interviewee: Celestial Soda
Date(s): April 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2007, Celestial Soda was interviewed for Immeritus by Pen and Moon.

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Some Excerpts

Right after I'd finished OotP. I couldn't shake that scene with the Marauders and their psychotic boys-club rapport, which led to the fatal curiosity of checking online for any "stuff" (I had no inkling of fandom at the time) on these characters. I immediately discovered Glockgal and the work of some unbelievable Japanese manga artists, so I had a very good first impression of fandom to go on.
Well, there's certainly nothing beyond the pale for the fandom! As for me, I'm open to anything, as I know I can depict something without necessarily endorsing it. Also, while I would not purposely market adult subject matter to underage audiences, I never censor anything in my own space and site. Parents are responsible for their children if they go exploring online, and as for people whose sensibilities are too delicate, there's such a thing as the back button.
I don't think the bias [for male slash] is very mysterious. First, the story is focused on a young boy charged with the considerable task of saving his entire world, so some of the subtler, more interesting aspects of females will understandably elude him. Thus, male characters will figure more prominently. Second, it's basic arithmetic in terms of Teh Pretteh: 1 man good, 2 men better! Etc. I suppose I am less likely to do femmeslash because there isn't as great a demand for it, and there isn't as much canon material to draw from either.
For me, part of the fun of fandom is maintaining this other secret identity that no one in my mundane day-to-day encounters will know about! Bwaahahaa. I like the fact the fandom is so massive, yet unheard of by the masses. I can't speak for anyone else's reasons on maintaining secrecy, but I don't think people are truly ashamed, otherwise they wouldn't do it. It's probably more an issue of just not wanting to have to explain or justify their activities. Lord knows there are a lot of narrow-minded, judgemental human beings out there--explaining it to them would take far too much of our time.