If Love is Real: Helen

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Title: If Love is Real: Helen
Author(s): Flamingo
Date(s): 1997
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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If Love is Real: Helen is a slash Starsky/Hutch story by Flamingo.

It was published in Cross the Line and is archived online. This story was nominated for a STIFfie.

This story is part of the If Love is Real Series.

Flamingo considers it her favorite story: "I haven't looked at my own fic in a while, but I'd have to say my favorite story of my own is one that I get almost no feedback from: If Love Is Real: Helen." [1]

Reactions and Reviews

"If Love Is Real: Helen" by Flamingo--The third in a series (previous ones being "Colby" and my personal favorite, "Vanessa") which supposes that Starsky admitted his sexual attraction to Hutch in the Academy, but they only very occasionally sleep together--mostly at Starsky's insistence. This one is a little different since the grand majority of the story takes place from Helen's point of view. For those who don't remember, Helen was a policewoman who was the victim of a serial killer in the first season, who had been dating Starsky so seriously that Starsky said they were even talking about having kids. (This is the episode which immortalized the "Paul Muni Special", the candlelight pot roast dinner Hutch makes for him at the end of the ep. Unfortunately, I am completely blanking on the title.) While we never saw Helen in the episode and she was only talked about, in this story, we're seeing Starsky and her in the middle of their relationship. It's a strange little twist since certain dreams she's been having about S&H is what leads to her rather mysterious and sudden break-up with Starsky referred to in the episode. As I said, an odd story and not coming close to displacing "Vanessa" as my fave of her S/H stories, but an interesting and solid story. [2]


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  2. In 1997 Michelle Christian posted this review to the Virgule-L mailing list. As with most of her Virgule-L reviews, Michelle gave permission for fans to forward the review to any fan or mailing list that might be interested. The review was sent to the Starsky & Hutch mailing list, Venice Place where both the editor and her friends expressed deep dissatisfaction with both the content and quality of Michelle's review ("cavalier, dismissive, negative"). While the topic of reviews and feedback was not new to either mailing list (in fact many of the list members on both lists had been subscribers to Starsky & Hutch and Star Trek letterzines of the 70s and 80; letterzines which had thoroughly debated the topic), Michelle's review sparked multiple discussions over whether reviews should focus on the positive while deemphasizing the negative, whether average readers had the right credentials to offer up reviews and whether the wildly divergent expectations fans had of reviews - and each other - would ever find a meeting ground. For more see the Fanlore section on Reviews.