If I Knew You Were Coming

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Title: If I Knew You Were Coming
Author(s): Kass
Date(s): 2007
Length: 5170 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: If I Knew You Were Coming (SGA Flashfiction); If I Knew You Were Coming (fanworks by kass)

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If I Knew You Were Coming is one of Kass's first SGA stories which reached a wide audience; it attracted five pages of comments on livejournal[1].

It was written for the "Cake or Death?" challenge (inspired by Eddie Izzard) at SGA Flashfic.

If I Knew You Were Coming features several classic slash tropes, among them cluelessness, pining, two characters being the last to realize they're dating, and Rodney assuming that John had been interested in someone else (in this case his Mensaverse doppelganger Rod).

Author's Summary: "What, did Jeannie tell you I have a thing for al fresco dining and sunburn?"

Recs & Reactions

  • "Delightful. I do love these guys when they're fumbling around in their cluelessness."[2]
  • "Aww! Sweet like cake but not syrupy. Love the personalities of your OCs (and the McMurdo backstory, heh) and the way you deftly balanced Rodney's bravado and insecurity. And John's unawareness of his attraction -- that can go horribly wrong in a fic, but it didn't here, and you didn't draw any part out too long, either. Just overall delicious."[3]
  • "[...] this one comes from the "Cake or Death Challenge" and, yes, the topic is "cake." [...] The ingredients are friendship, cake, misunderstanding and denial with a pinch of angst. All combine for a delicious result. You'll enjoy excellent writing, fine characterizations, witty banter and be secure in the knowledge that no good deed goes unpunished."[4]


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