If Hanson Wore Blue Collars

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Name: If Hanson Wore Blue Collars
Date(s): 2005
Founder: Eve
Type: fanfic
Fandom: Hanson
Associated Community:
URL: so-tangible.org/hanson
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If Hanson Wore Blue Collars was a Hanson fanfic challenge run by Eve. Authors were challenged to write an AU story featuring one or all Hansons in normal, blue collar jobs. All of those who participated received artwork to accompany their stories, created by Lily Fox.

Because Eve handpicked the authors she wanted to participate in the challenge, there was some debate about whether or not this showed favoritism.[1]

I am writing one, but I am quite upset about being left out. I believe that there's a word that perfectly describes this sort of thing - ELITIST.
Well, I suppose you are entitled to your opinion and you have every right to it. However, she has a right to ask whoever she wants and they in turn can join or not join the challenge. If she only wanted certain writers then that's up to her. Maybe she wanted to keep it small because she'd have to create a site for them once it was over. I doubt she planned on alienating anyone out there.
Hey, you can take my place if you want - I turned her down because I got no time to write anymore this round. Seriously, don't feel bad. It's probably like one of those times in elementary school, when someone's mom bakes cookies or cupcakes for their kid's birthday, but they're aren't enough for everyone because they counted wrong, and then whoever doesn't get one takes it personally but really it's just an honest mistake. (Wow, that was a long metaphor. Sorry! But you know what I mean, right?)


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