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Title: Iceblink
Author(s): Oceanbreeze7
Date(s): 23 October 2019
Length: 43,189 words
Genre: gen, adoption fic
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Iceblink (AO3)

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Iceblink is an Alex Rider story by Oceanbreeze7.


In one world, Alan Blunt held true in his threat and deported Jack. In one world, Alex Rider bailed out of foster care. In one world, Yassen Gregorovich is pickpocketed by a street rat in London, just after assassinating Sayle. And Yassen won't let that stand...and somehow, he accidentally takes the boy as his apprentice. (What was his name again?) Canon Divergence, carries through Point Blanc.

Recs and Reviews

If you’re looking for action, adventure, intrigue and just the slightest bit of found family this is the fic for you. Iceblink is the story of Alex Rider, street rat, who chose to test Alan Blunt and was met with the very real consequences that came of it. Jack is gone, he was put into foster care and then subsequently left and is now on the streets fending for himself. Until he pick pockets the wrong (or right depending on your perspective) man and the life he had previously turned down comes back to find him again and he winds up in Point Blanc albeit under very different circumstances.

This fic does a fantastic job of teasing out the relationships of everyone involved and taking them to the logical extremes while keeping the pacing nice and tight. The world building is spot on and the writing is spectacular as is expected from a talented author [...]. It’s one of the most revered fics in the fandom for a reason and there’s so much potential out there for sequels.[1]

Alex Rider Fanfic Recs

[...] it features yassen as alex’s adoptive father and mentor, alex being a pickpocket and jealous of julius, and nile being great.[2]



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