I save you

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Title: I save you
Creator: Zeldona
Date: 30 April 2010
Format: Digital Vid
Length: 2:04 min
Genre: Role Reversal
Fandom: Merlin
URL: I save you (YouTube)
I save you.png

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I save you is a Merlin role reversal vid by Zeldona. It was created for the BOIT Challenge round 3: "The Switch Challenge".[1]

Vidder's notes:

Finally! The video is finished. This took like forever. Both, to edit and to render. [...] But however, let me explain the story behind it. So for all of you who don't know, I made this video for the third round of the BOIT challenge. The task was to switch the roles of two characters. As you can see, I took Merlin and Arthur from the BBC tv-show Merlin.
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The original plot: Merlin is a young warlock and arrives in Camelot. There he meets Gaius, who will become his mentor. From the Great Dragon he learns that his destiny is to protect the future king and right now crown prince of Camelot, Arthur. In episode 1.13 Arthur gets attacked by the Questing Beast, which, according to mythology, appears before a time of great upheaval. All this happens while he tries to find and kill the monster. Merlin of course saves him by using magic.

I save you 01.png

My plot: I obviously switched the roles of Arthur and Merlin. Now Merlin is Crown Prince of Camelot and Arthur is the young warlock, who doesn't know how to deal with his magic. But Gaius tries to help him with giving him a book with lots of spells and stuff like that. Later on, again the Questing beast is up to mischief and Uther, the current king, orders Merlin to ride out and to kill the monster. Arthur goes after him, because it's his destiny to protect Merlin. Merlin gets attacked, but Arthur saves him by using his magic.



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